Autumn Interclub

Sign up for Autumn Interclub now. Entries close February 22.

If you are interested in playing please let us know before Monday February 22. Email lugton.tournament@gmail.com or contact:

Men’s Club CaptainLiam Jamieson027 855 7922
Women’s Club CaptainZeph Morgan0274 863 067

The rules are very similar to last year’s Summer Interclub with a few tweaks:

  • There are no refereeing bonus points for this round
  • Players can enter even if they are 100 points above the grade they are entered as – so a player 80 points into D1 can enter as a D2
  • Extra Division by request – Division 6 = D, E1, E2, F
  • Grades will be taken off the grading list on the 22nd of February cut-off – there will be some grade changes on the 9th of March but that shouldn’t be taken into account when entering your teams.
  • Substitutions can be a “graded” player from any club who has NO MORE than 100 points above the player they are substituting